This is the first part of my Photography Blog for 2010. I tryied to write here as much as I could; thanks god I don't have too much time for it!

Photography Blog 2010

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One more article about my jewelry photography was published this month on Southern Jewelry News:

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jewelry photography

An article about my Jewellery Photography was published this month!

I'm so proud to be featured at "Jewellery Business" magazine! It's a professional Canadian magazine for the Jewellery Industry. Its readred are all professionals: Jewellery designers, manufacturers, importers and more. The editors and the team chose my work to be featured, and my article to be published in full.

You can read the article on their online Issue:

Jewellery Photography  magazine

Furniture design; photo shoot of an artist brand:

The art director had in mind a beautiful model having Martini on the bar. The bar itself is a handmade art of wood and ceramic by the artist shaked.

James Bond famous martini was in mind (shaken, not stirred).

We did the photo shoot in a real bar and even had a real martini :-) after the shoot was over of course...

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Jewellery Photography with Swarovski Stones

Swarovski Stones looks great on any jewelry; its glow is unique and has a star quality. The colors are also amazing, and when jewelry designers use it right it creates an incredible jewelry!
This week we had a photo shoot of over 100 jewelry pieces - mostly necklaces and rings, so we had lots of fun in the studio. We loved every piece!

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Jewellery Photography with Swarovski Stones
Jewellery Photography with Swarovski Stones Jewellery Photography with Swarovski Stones

Winter Photography

  It's winter time, and winter can be beautiful! Winter colors are great to photograph, with the right combination of lights, clouds, water and other winter elements.

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Winter Photography Winter Photography Winter Photography

Jewellery Photography with Natural Stones

Natural stones not only look great, but also have their own energy (that's what they say!). Each stone represent a unique energy that can help you in your everyday life. Some stones may attract prosperity; some may attract love, health and so on.

Shooting jewelry with natural stones is always nice and interesting. The designer asked for specific styling that will show the unique pieces on its best, with a warm, natural looking background.

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Jewellery Photography

My bio photo-clip

I just uploaded a photo-clip to my "about" web page. It has photos of me since I was little...
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Photographer Bio

Products Photography - Home Decor for the Holidays - October 2010

Yes - the Holidays are just around the corner! This is the time of the year when companies are preparing their marketing materials such as catalogs, brochures and websites for the Holidays.

This customer was asking for romantic-style photos for their website. The candles are so beautiful, with different colors, shapes and scents.

We also did an in-house styling for the candles, with different setting for each candle or set.

You are welcome to view some of the products pictures

products photography

Jewelery Photography - October 2010

Sweet colorful candies or beautiful jewelery??

Last week we had a photo shoot of jewelry that made us feel like we are in candy land. Beautiful colorful jewelry - necklaces and rings - all kind of shapes and gem stones. I loved them all!
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Jewelry Photography

Jewelry designers
September is here and we feel the Christmas season in the air...
Jewelry designers prepare their new beautiful collections, take pictures and create catalogs and brochures.

As a busy fashion and jewelry photographer, I love all this beauty and style around me every day!

The jewelry collection in these pictures is made from diamonds and gemstones, with amazing new designs.

Jewelry Photography
Jewelry Photography
Jewelry Photography
Jewelry Photography

Architecture Photography - Ottawa, Ontario - August 2010

Architecture Photography

Ottawa is a great city for Architecture lovers. It has all kinds of buildings: old and new, antique-style or plain-modern. As a photographer, I loved the opportunity to capture this beauty with my camera.

I used different lenses, but mostly the wide angle lenses that are great for architecture photography.

Moreover, the city offers a great variety of restaurants and bars, which we enjoyed, as well as interesting attractions such as the sunset cruise (which we couldn't make because we were short in time).

We strongly recommend the POP exhibition in the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography. It is simply wonderful! If you have an eye for the arts, you will get inspired for sure!

To view the Architecture Photography gallery, click here

Jewelry Photography - Tips and Tricks Article

Jewelry photography may be very tricky sometimes. Each jewelry piece has its own unique look:  different colors, different materials and so on. Some has lots of reflections. Some, like diamonds and gem stones for example, has little sparkles that are easy to admire when you actually hold them in your hand, but are very hard to capture with the camera.

Click here to read the full article about Jewelry Photography
how to take pictures of jewelry

Fashion Shoes Photography - August 2010

It started as a 'regular' fashion shoes photography session, but then we realized that the customer's dog, Chicka, is one amazing model... she is beautiful, cute, stylish and very friendly.

So, we added Chicka to the photo shoot, wearing different shoes accessories that match the fashion style.

This is just a glance of the results... pictures came out beautiful :-)



Jewelery Photography

diamond photography

Jewelery photography is one of my favorite things! Last week we had many diamonds in the studio... engagement rings and diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and more. All were so beautiful and perfect!

View the jewelry photography gallery

Ceramic & Judaica Artist Photography

Art Photography
July 1010 - I just LOVE these beautiful ceramics! we used natural-gray color for the background, which showed the amazing colors of the art!

Take a look at some of the photos here

Photography Favorites

Toronto Photography

A small gallery of some photography favorites...
View the photo gallery

Artist Photography

portrait photography

The artist Shaked is:

1. Very creative artist.

2. A good friend.

Her work is rich with colors and texture. Every single item is one of a kind, hand made .

Shake needed a professional photography service; she wanted to use the photos for her catalog, business cards, flyers and website.
Plus, she sends the pictures to galleries and Interior designers all over the world .

The challenge was - of course - the light tables. We shoot them in low light, creating a romantic lighting at the set, to show the beautiful colors that are coming out from the art work .

We also took a portrait of Shaked (she needed an official portrait for her trade shows). It was a beautiful day so we took the pictures outside, using day light (golden late-afternoon light!) on one side, and Flash light on the other.

artist portfolio artist portfolio artist portfolio



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